5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Twitter Campaign

The social media have been the most used, most known, and most probably the most abused form of media in this modern time. Twitter has been one of the top visited and top-rated social networking sites.

No matter how much people fuss about what one is tweeting, no one is in control. Being a no-rule social site, this has been taken advantage of by many, from marketing, advertising, campaigning, and even spamming. So how do we take advantage of it in a win-win situation for all?

  1. Do not rush, nor spam. Keep things discrete and you can grow from there. Follow potential target people, tweet with much content, give links, and they will start to follow you. Then, you can broaden your marketing efforts.
  2. Take note of the trending topics. Almost everyone who uses twitter view the trending topics knowing these are the hottest subjects in their country or worldwide. Make the most of this idea. Tweet using informative and relevant topics. For instance, let’s say that you are trying to market a site that teaches people how to purchase ranches and farms.Well, you could produce tweets that give people advice about how to choose a ranch or farm, how to make an effective offer, etc.
  3. Use hashtags. This is the easiest way to be found. Using a hashtag (#) gives you an idea if there are actually people who have the same interests as what you are trying to campaign. With these, you will know what to trend, who to follow, and eventually gain followers.Be consistent. Tweet every so often, but not in an annoying way. Keep things controlled, significant, and helpful in a way or another. Engage in conversations. Once you keep tweeting and you gain a follower, interact with them in a way that is not obtrusive or irritating.
  4. Be respectful so you will be respected. Be cool without trying too much. Do not be so over your campaign that you end up bugging people. Know when to reply to a tweet, and do not even think about making your move on a person who’s feeling extreme emotions. You just might be dumped.

People wake up in the morning and read through their timeline as if it is the morning paper. Twitter has made the whole world know what is happening in just 140 characters; so make the most out of it.

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