I developed IM Writer Blog because I wanted to share my journey from a struggling freelance writer to a highly paid internet marketing writer. My goal was to create a blog that chronicled my success and taught others to do the same. Well, 3 years later, this blog has blossomed into a wealth of information that has not only helped me but also helped others struggling writers turned internet marketing writers. Happily, this blog has consistently grown and now has a loyal following of intelligent and active marketing writer who are making major progress in their efforts.

Google Page Rank: 0 (but growing)
Alexa rank: 766, 735(and improving daily)

IM Writer Blog Posting and Comments:
I average about 5 unique post a week. I average about 3 comments per blog post.

Below are the advertising options available for IM Writer Blog. I only accept advertisement for products/services directly related to the theme of this blog or ones may prove useful to other marketing writers.

Site-wide 125×125 Banner on the Sidebar
(Located just below our search function, the 125×125 advertising banner boxes are placed above the fold on the right-hand side of the blog.
Maximum of 6 ad slots are sold each at a rate of $5 per month and these ads are not rotated. Animated ads may be accepted but flash ads are not. Image size can’t exceed 18KB. All ads will carry rel=”nofollow” attribute on the target URL. To purchase an ad, please remit PayPal payment to

Purchase a Review for IM Writer Blog
In addition to banner ads, advertisers can purchase product reviews that will be published as a regular IM writer blog post. Additional information: 200-500 word review for $10. The review may contain a maximum of two links and one screen shots and/or logos. We only accept PayPal for payments. No pre-written content will be accepted and all reviews will be based on honest reviews of products and services.
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Rate Changes:

I reserve the right to change our advertising policies in accordance to our PR and traffic statistics. I analyze our traffic quarterly. I also reserve the right to reject any unsuitable ads.