7 Tips on How to Write an Excellent Admission Essay

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Best Essay Writing Service

Besides the pile of documents that you have to prepare and the exams you have to take before you apply to college, you also have to write an admission essay.

This is your chance to show the admission board who you are and why you are fit for a certain college. Be yourself and choose a topic that will highlight you. Do not focus on how much dedication it takes to be a doctor, the great aspects of a certain college or how many extracurricular activities you had in high school.

The admission essay should be your personal thoughts and story and other information about you that is not highlighted in other parts of the application, such as your high school records. Focus on only one aspect of yourself, use an extra essay help if you need. This way readers will learn about who you really are.

1. Show

Do not just state an idea. You also have to include examples, details, and reasons to develop your ideas. Do not just state that you like to be around many people. Describe a particular situation, tell what you were doing, whom you talked to, what did you learn from a specific experience?

2. Use your voice

Relying on ideas and phrases that have been used many times in application essays will not bring you the expected results. Stay away from business-like or overly formal language and do not use words that you do not understand. Use your voice, write about real experiences and how they made you feel.

3. Specific details

You want to create a memorable and excellent admission essay. Use specific details if you want to create a strong impression on the admissions board. Add colors and imagery, underline your personality and strengths, celebrate yourself.

4. College level diction

The words you choose are crucial for your essay, as they reveal a lot about your education, personality, and intellect. Show the reader that you have an excellent command of the English language and can use higher-level words such as appalling instead of bad, phenomena instead of a thing, despondent instead of sad or opportunity instead of chance. Avoid at all costs using slang and casual diction.

5. College level style

Show the admission board that you already have college-level writing skills. Use complex sentences, figurative language (metaphors, personification, simile, etc.) and scheme or trope (anaphora, oxymoron, chiasmus, etc.).

6. Proofread

Never turn in your essay without proofreading it. As a teacher or one of your parents to read your essay to catch any mistakes that you might have overlooked and see if the paper is easy to read and understand.

7. Your contribution

One of the top things that the admission board looks for when they read such essay is to find students who will bring their contribution towards the university’s development. If you consider that there is something that makes you unique, point it out. Maybe you have an amazing extracurricular talent, you are crazy over mathematics or anything that you believe makes you an exceptional individual.

If one of the colleges offers you an opportunity to interview, take it. This is a great chance for you to make you application essay stand out. You can share any information that you think the admission committee should know about to be able to fully appreciate and discover your intellectual curiosity, ideas, values, and character.

Although you will be bombarded with questions, be ready to be an engaged conversationalist. Instead of just monosyllabically answering the question, you can elaborate on different aspects of who you are. Ask questions yourself, tell your story and put on the table concerns that you might have.





How to Tell Bad Academic Writing Services from Good Ones

best essay writing serviceGo on Google and type in “best essay writing services online” – you are going to get more results than anyone could count in one sitting. But how exactly can you tell which of them are good and which of them only want your money? Naturally, they can’t all be equally professional. Some of them are truly fantastic writing services like http://bestessay.education/essay-writing-services, and some other ones are not. Here are a few tips on what you can tell a good academic writing service:

  1. It has been in business for a while


The fact that a company has quite a few years of activity means that the people behind it know what they’re doing. And, even more important, they know how to adapt themselves to the needs of the market. On top of that, it is a symbol of their professionalism. Rookie companies have a really hard time surviving in a competition that is so feral.

  1. It has got good feedback from customers


The customers are the ones who decide if that’s the “best writing service” indeed, not the company itself. Always skim through the comments and the testimonials to make sure you’re dealing with a proficient service and not a superficial one.

  1. A vast plethora of types of academic writing


The higher the number of types of academic writing a company deals with, the better. That means they have highly skilled employees, possibly one professional for each type of paper. Eclecticism is one of the best ways for you to tell a good service from a bad service. If it only offers book reports, that’s not much of a service, let alone a “best writing service.”

  1. Payment after the completion of the paper


Steer clear of services that ask for your money upfront, lest you might find yourself with less money, less dignity and no paper at all. If you have doubts before making the payment, ask for proof that your paper is ready. There are a lot of websites that just mimic being writing services, but are anything but that.

  1. Customer service


A professional writing company always has a customer service, people that are always there for you in case you forgot something you should’ve mentioned, or you need some last-moment changes. There are lots of sites that don’t care about that. They keep their end up, and that’s it. They are not bound to have customer service, it’s not a law, but if they do, you can well imagine that they care about their clients.

  1. 100% plagiarism free


You can find evidence of that in the feedback section. If someone – anyone – testifies that he/she got into trouble because of the paper they received, turn on your heels and go search for another service. It doesn’t really matter if a paper is so innovative and well-written if it has been plagiarized. Plagiarism can be detected in less than five minutes with some simple software.

As you can see, you are not completely helpless when it comes to recognizing which writing companies are good and which are bad. It only takes 10 minutes to analyze each of these aspects and make sure that you are going to get precisely what you’re paying for. They may be extremely easy to find, but do not dive headfirst into any of them without doing some research first. Your grade, or the fact that you’ll pass the exam or not depends on the professionalism of the service you’ve decided to go with. That is why you should not overlook looking for this telltale signs we’ve provided you with.