Tips for Marketing a New or Existing Business

When you market a new or existing business, you have to be creative in your marketing tactics. You can’t simply throw up a website, submit it to a few spam directories and then sit back and wait for floods of traffic or people to buy your product or service offering. You have to actually use creative marketing strategies – ones that put your site in front of targeted clients day in and day out. And, how do you go about this? You think outside the box.

  1. Don’t just write articles – create viral reports. Just about anyone can create a properly search optimized article but not everyone can create a viral report. One that will be read by one person and then passed on or at the very least, talked about for years and years to come. Therefore, focus your efforts on creating reports that last not articles that are long forgotten.
  2. Give them something to talk about – reader interaction should be your primary goal with any site you create. You must encourage interaction between your readers and inspire them to participate in blog posts and forums. Not only will this keep them coming back but it too will create a viral effect.
  3. Don’t BS – be honest with your readers and they’ll be loyal to you. Don’t give them false expectations on fast riches if you know that it will take them years to build a similar income as yours. Instead, be honest about the amount of work that will be required, type of additional products they’ll need to succeed, whatever – just be honest. For instance, one of our readers owns a popular international pen pals matching service and although he provides members with the platform to meet someone special, he doesn’t blatantly state “you will find the love of your life if you sign up for our pen pal service.” As a result, his members sign up with realistic expectations – they will meet new people and form meaningful friendships when they become a pen pal. They don’t sign up thinking they will meet the love of their lives guaranteed.
  4. Give more than you get – when you market you should always give more than you get. Everyone likes free stuff and the more you give away, the more you will get. This includes free samples, books, reports, whatever you can give. By doing this, your site can definitely go viral.

In conclusion, marketing a new or existing business takes creativity. You have to write viral reports, give readers something to talk about, don’t BD and give more than you get. When you do this, you will succeed and your creative marketing strategies will pay off handsomely!

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