Tips for Marketing Your Business Using Facebook

What started as a social-networking site geared toward college students has grown exponentially as a must-have resource for businesses of every kind. Facebook not only puts your business out there to it’s approximately 845 million active users (, it allows users to “like” your page and share their thoughts of your business with their network of friends.

When you first decide to start marketing with Facebook, you’ll need to create your business’ page. A page is essentially another website for your business located within the realm of Facebook.

This page should include the following:

  • An identifiable image for your business such as your company logo or a great shot of the exterior of your business’ building
  • Address — for obvious reasons. You want your customers to be able to find you
  • Important company information such as the description and contact info
  • Updates via wall posts so your customers quickly see what’s going on
  • Custom apps — Facebook has many apps including video streams, menus and others

Once your page is developed, market it as you would your regular website. Add the Facebook url to business cards and promote the fact that you’re on Facebook with in-store flyers, posters and by talking to customers.

Once you begin getting “likes,” you can then easily see certain statistics about your site including customer demographics, which of your posts are the most engaging to customers, how often people visit and on which days of the week.

You can also run Facebook ads, dedicated ads that show up on the sidebar of Facebook users’ news feeds. Ads are targeted and can quickly get your page noticed by people who may not have heard of your business yet or seen your page. For instance, let’s say that you own a coffee coupon site and your mission is to get people to sign up for Folgers coffee coupons. Well, you could post a Facebook ad showing the various coupons that you have available or post an inviting message informing readers about the coupons.

Facebook also has plug-ins you can add to your company’s website or blog. You add plug-ins to your website that allow site visitors to like your site, send links directly via Facebook, comment, see activity feeds and friends’ recommendations.

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