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Eight Tips That Will Help You to Make E-learning More Effective

Eight Tips That Will Help You to Make E-learning More Effective

Technology today is responsible for the changes in how we go about different tasks. From education to transport, technology is quickly changing ways of completing tasks and going about various activities. In the education domain, e-learning has been a key aspect that has come to the fore – thanks to increasing digitization and the interconnectedness of websites over the internet.

Various institutions of learning have e-learning programs, and instructors continue to improve and make modifications to their e-learning programs in a bid to enhance the quality of these programs by the day.

Simple Designs and Layouts Streamline the Whole Process

Since most of the e-learning happens behind a computer, or a screen of some device; coming up or adjusting the site to have a simple design can help a great deal. Reducing on-screen clutter and whitespace makes it easier to understand what is going on, and allows for easy navigation.

Simple designs will appeal to most learners, and this will make the whole e-learning process seamless and easy to maneuver.

Use Tutorials

For e-learning to be effective, you need to come up with tutorials on the course that is in progress as well as other courses. Tutorials are easy to understand, and learners can go through the tutorial during the lesson and even at their own time. This helps them to have a ready source of information. Some learners can take the initiative of reading ahead, and this will help to bolster the learning experience.

Tutorials coupled with scenarios or case studies also help to elaborate concepts clearly, which allows learners to understand easily.

Set Goals and Targets

When you work with targets, goals, and objectives; it is easier to track your progress over time. Working with targets helps you to come with a schedule which optimizes the time that you have on a particular course.

Goals make the learners have a sense of the importance of the course, and it also helps them focus on the course outline and the course content in general with an end goal of meeting set targets and objectives concerning that course.

Work on the Quality of the Content

The quality of the content is very important when it comes to e-learning programs. Even with good designs and layouts, coherent goals and objectives, and tutorials; it all boils down to the content available. The e-learning program is as good as the content that is on the site. On this account, there is a need to work on the content to ensure that it is top-notch, and it accurately conveys course content and related information.


E-learning has no significant differences with traditional or conventional learning. Research is still a key aspect of e-learning as it is in traditional learning. In this regard, therefore, there is a need for you to provide links to resources and references that relate to the course in progress.

Properly aggregated information on the course does not preclude references and resources, and therefore; you should ensure that there are links that students can use to access content that will help to enhance the course that they are taking.


In today’s highly interconnected world, it is hard to talk about access to the web and internet activity without mentioning smartphones and tablets. These devices are some of the key mechanisms that individuals all over the world use to access the internet. Therefore, if you are out to make your e-learning effective, you have to consider mobile users.

Adjust and make your e-learning platform mobile responsive to ensure that learners who use mobile phones do not miss out.

Create a Feedback Mechanism

Since e-learning is entirely online dependent, coming up with a mechanism of getting feedback from learners is very important. This helps you to get views about the platform, the problematic areas, and those that are working well. This information is essential since it helps you to make adjustments geared towards enhancement of the e-learning platform.

Create Scenarios for Group Activity

Group activity is essential, especially when it comes to academics. Group activity allows learners to share ideas on different concepts, which can help the learners to understand various concepts better.

When creating or enhancing your e-learning platform, creating scenarios that demand group activity is an important step in the right direction. It significantly helps to increase the effectiveness of the e-learning program and also enhances the quality of the overall learning process.

In summary, there are ways that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your e-learning program which will result in benefits to the learners as well as the instructors. Improving your e-learning platform also makes it easier to monitor, assess, and facilitate the whole learning process.


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