About writing and life


  1. What are the writing categories you provide information for?

I’m Writer Blog is dedicated to any type of writing. For example, you will discover writing tips on fiction, novels, academic essays, or business writing. Moreover, you will also find articles about spelling, grammar, and vocabulary rules, as well as the best tricks on how to organize yourself for better writing.

  1. What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Our team members are extremely active every day. They get inspired by the people they meet, as well as the topics they discuss during conferences or seminars. Moreover, the questions they receive from our followers every day are some of the biggest sources of inspiration.

  1. How did you get started?

After years of working for others, our author got to a moment when he didn’t feel the work satisfaction anymore. He considered that he will be able to help his followers easier by developing a blog. It became very easy to stay in direct contact with his top fans and use their suggestions and questions to create new blog posts and provide an answer to their concern.

  1. Are you open to collaborating with any brands?

The biggest priority for our team is to offer our readers accurate information. Therefore, we are very selective when choosing the brands we want to collaborate with. We are open for collaborations as long as we are not forced to promote something that we don’t believe in or write about something which is a complete fake.