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Five Best Apps for Audio Book Listening

Five Best Apps for Audio Book Listening

Audio Books are the new cool. They are something that I would highly recommend to any person who is not a fan of reading books but fancies the art of storytelling. Any audiobook would give you the emotional appeal that you wouldn’t get by just reading the book by yourself.

Some people may argue that a story told is way better than a story read, and I couldn’t agree more. It is even way cool to listen to an audiobook because no one would try bothering you finding out the title of your book or reading the blurb which keeps distracting you from concentrating on the storyline. If you interestend in writing tool for your mobile phone you can read this essay writing apps for android.

Not all audiobook readers would excite you though. Some voices do not match the story that is being read which makes you dislike the book because of the reader. A reader who has learned the art of reading audiobooks like a storyteller would make you yearn for more audiobooks. Such a reader makes you understand the connotations of the book that they are reading on your behalf. That though should not deter you from doing what you prefer, either way, every technology has to come with its pros and cons.

The following are the five best audiobooks apps that you would want to give a shot

  • Google Play Books
  • Audible
  • Audio Books
  • Kindle for Android
  • Librivox

Google Play Books

Google, in the wake of upgrading, incorporated audiobooks in the play store in 2018.

Why Google Play Books?

  • Its content is synced to all the devices that you have your Google account connected to it
  • You can listen to your audiobook either using your browser or using your phone, either Android or iOS
  • It is a straightforward application to try your hands on
  • You will find a number of digital books at the same place


This is the most common application for audiobooks in the world. One that is highly recommended by everyone because of the diversity of the titles of the books it has in audio form.

Why Audible?

  • It gives you the freedom to choose your ideal way of getting content; either by subscription or by buying a book at a time.
  • It is accessible to android phones
  • It is a free app to use and syncs audiobooks in your account
  • The Audible player has the best audio quality you can ever get



Classical book lovers should definitely fall for this app. It is one that gives audio book versions of solely classical books

Why Librivox?

  • It has over 24,000 classical books that you can choose from
  • Can connect to Bluetooth so you can use it on a Bluetooth speaker

Kindle for Android

It is also one of the widest used apps for reading books using android. It is way better because of its versatility. Here is why most people prefer Kindle for Android

  • It has a unique technology dubbed Whispersync that can enable you to switch from voice to reading an eBook
  • It is free with ads
  • It can add audio books companion for Kindle eBooks

Audio Books

This one gives you the freedom to know the best sellers especially those who are paid so you can decide whose book to listen to. It is available in the Google Play Store for downloads.

Why Audio Books?

  • It has a wide compatibility
  • Its advanced player brings forth quality sound
  • It has a reliable customer service
  • It is free

After the invention eBooks, Audio books are the best thing that ever happened to a reader who is not a reader but a reader who listens. I hope you find solace in the audio books as much as bibliophiles do when reading paperback books. In the long run, you would have read a book only that the two of you have read it in different formats. But, if the message gets home, then that is all that is needed. Find an app that resonates well with you and enjoy listening to stories told the way you want.

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