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Seven Lessons I Learned from Working an Assortment of Odd Jobs

What are some of the popular roles in part-time jobs?

While part-time jobs are becoming increasingly open across number of fields, there are some professions which make a great fit for this type of work. With the Internet and the digital age making their way into our professional as well as personal lives, searching for part-time jobs has become an even wider phenomenon. You may not even have to work in an office to enter part-time jobs if you have an internet connection.

Apart from these benefits, part-time jobs give you the option of having control over your work. This means, you can move in and out of the job whenever you have other priorities as opposed to a full-time job. So, it is a matter of how you view the pros and cons when choosing a career through part-time jobs.

7. Unofficial Career Planning

We have not lived in an actual bartering system for centuries, but that doesn’t mean that every ounce of work is rewarded with only currency. We work to make money and we use money to buy things, so why not bypass the middle step and work to obtain things? This wasn’t the plan — I almost always worked for a paycheck — but there were some nice side benefits. At the hot dog cart, I was paid in meatball and cheese sandwiches and soft pretzels in lieu of cash; as a deliveryman, the nicer guys on our route offered us free drinks; and the mini-golf course allowed myself and a guest to play for free, saving me a few bucks on many dates and platonic outings.

Even today, my salary does not encompass all of the rewards that I bring home on an annual basis. When asked if I would ever leave finance to write full-time, I say that not only do I need a much, much wider readership, but that there aren’t that many writers that bring home what I do, particularly when one includes healthcare costs, 401(k) matches, profit sharing, product discounts, and tuition reimbursement. My respectable salary is x, but my full compensation is x + y + z. Remembering that helps me stay both grounded and realistic.


No one will want to do a job that doesn’t pay well. But sometimes, people may be blinded by traditional expectations and fail to see income-earning opportunities in jobs considered lowly.

Taking a long wait to secure a white-collar job can hurt your financial goals and growth. Consider taking on some of these odd jobs that pay well, and your path to financial freedom will take shape early.

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